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Moodle Development

Moodle has been the pioneer in giving out the most effective solutions to cater to course management systems. Scripted in PHP and being open source makes Moodle one of the most customizable applications available for your educational deployment needs. Also called an LMS (Learning management system), Moodle is the most used LMS deployed in the education niche.

Since Moodle is open source, it is right to assume that it needs a lot of customization before it can be deployed to cater to your unique needs. Our Moodle development team is highly talented and is trained in leaning delivery customization that would meet your specifications in no time at all. Using Moodle’s inbuilt resources that track other e-learning resources and customizing its collaborative features that include forums, polls, chat rooms, blogs and wikis comes easy to us.

Our Moodle development team is ready to customize Moodle themes, design them, develop course designs, customize options, develop modules, integrate payment gateways and develop plug-ins. In addition to the above, or Moodle development team is also experienced in delivering import/export Moodle data to more common structure like excel and complicated database structures like Oracle HR. Our Moodle development team also offers a fully functional and trained support system.