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Yii Framework

We know all about developing the Web2.0 applications, developers now day’s prefer to go for the Yii Framework. This is a performance oriented PHP framework and it best suits for the development of web2.0 applications. The prime benefit of using Yii Framework for web2.0 application is that such PHP framework only loads elements and features that a developer requires. It is coming with the powerful and robust caching support. Our developers can offer you good solutions for you.

We can provide you with some good quality custom solutions. With this framework which has been designed purposefully for AJAX and can work with it quite efficiently than others. As far as the security is concerned, it comes as the standard element with the Yii Framework. Well, this also includes output filtering, input validation, prevention of cross site scripting and SQL injection. This is an object oriented and open source PHP framework. It is also known as the component based web-application framework that works perfectly and efficiently for web2.0 applications. It is also pronounced as Yee which is the right acronym for statement like “This is It”!

Our expert programmers will provide you with high quality solutions and web development service. Our solutions will be highly interactive and for various platforms. Our experts have extensive experience with Yii, and can create quick quality results. We provide quality solutions as per your needs, in quick time an affordable prices. So kindly call us for more details.