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Knet Payment Gateway Integration

First time we hear about Knet payment gateway integration in 2008. What made Knet different form other payment gateways is, its difficulty or no support for PHP language. In short, there were no direct methods to integrate Knet to a PHP website, as Knet only provided support to .NET, Java etc languages. We took it as a challenge and developed a method using PHP-Java bridge. Our experiment succeed and we are able to integrate Knet with PHP website using Java bridge. This process continued for 2-3 years and by 2011, Knet /Kpay officially started to support PHP integration.

What is KNET

Knet is the short form of “The shared electronic banking services company” Which is established in 1992 and started functioning in 1994. Other words this company is a consortium of 12 banks. Knet payment gateway accepts Internet banking payments from user’s bank accounts to merchants/ shops account. Ket also provide point of sale solution as well. Unlike other middle east countries, Kuwait is a country which adopted all technologies fast so as with the payment processing. Knet payment gateway is an integral part of all web stores and e-commerce websites in Kuwait.


Knet Integration

Kuwait-net Payment gateway integration is a 1-2 week long procedure. KNET manually verify each account before making it live in the website. Merchants must have a valid SSL certificate to integrate the payment gateway. Here is the list of the valid SSL certificate issuers for KNET to accept the transactions:


Security Configuration

KNET payment gateway only accepts https communication between the merchant’s store and gateway using port 443. This is required because merchant’s server sends authorisation details like password and thus, security is must for the communication.

Alias and Resource File for the Payment Initialisation

KNET Payment has the alias name, merchant’s resource file and a class file. Here, the path to the alias and resource file should be specified and the name of the class file should be included on the payment initialization page.

Determine the type of plug-in required by the merchant. The following plug-in types are supported by Knet PAY:

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • .NET
  • Java
  • ColdFusion
  • Python
  • Ruby

The plug-in decision depends on the type of operating environment being used for the merchant website.

KNET Payment Process


  • KNET provides a hosted payment process,Customer is shopping on the merchant side.
  • Customer finish shopping, proceed to checkout. Merchant gathers required information from customer, including the total customer bill amount.
  • Customer choose KNET as the payment method.Merchant performs payment  initialization with Knet PG on the required amount.
  • On successful payment initialization, Knet PG replies with the transaction unique payment ID and Knet payment URL.
  • Merchant save payment initialization parameters with payment ID being the primary key, and redirect the customer to the Knet payment page.
  • Knet show payment interface and request customer to enter debit card details
  • Customer  enters card information and clicks submit.
  • Knet process the transaction. If no error occurs, Knet send transaction

response to Merchant Response URL specified in payment initialization.

  • Merchant process and save the response, send back Knet the receipt URL.
  • Knet redirects customer to Merchant Receipt URL.

We developed knet extension for magento,  and plugin for wordpress, opencart, prestashop. K-net we also integrated in mobile applications.

e-wallet development and integration company

Usage of Knet on Payment Wallets

During 2014-2015, we got number of enquiries for e-wallet development from few companies in Kuwait. We knew those companies shortlisted us because of our extensive experience with Knet. No one can think about e-wallet in Kuwait without Knet. We used knet,  NBK bank payment gateway and burgan bank payment gateway for the development of wallet system. The wallet supports Merchant payment with QR code, E-Pos system , The wallet also integrated to many third party software like Nexudus ,etc. Also we developed extensions for magento, wordpress, prestashop  opencart and more. We provide all types of knet and Kuwait based wallet integration as service, please drop us a mail for more details at


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